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UNLV SASE Future Leaders Program

Thank you for checking out our fundraiser and supporting us! Please keep scrolling to read more about SASE, our goal, and how your donation helps!



Raise towards our $7000 goal

If possible, we encourage you to donate through Venmo! Donations through card will use Squareup online payment service. That has a 2.6% transaction fee.


The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers is a student-led organization that prepares those of Asian Heritage for success in the professional workforce. SASE also celebrates diversity both on campus and in the workforce, allowing these engineers and scientists to make an impact in their communities. UNLV SASE, specifically, has provided opportunities to their members that range from workshops that further members’ soft skills to use in the future, to hearing about experiences from alumni that work at their dream company.


The objective of the UNLV SASE Future Leaders Program is to establish and maintain the means to recruit, train, and integrate underclassmen students to become officers of the UNLV SASE chapter. Participants in the program will shadow officer(s) and have the opportunity to learn from and assist the officers in their duties during the process. The mentoring process is expected to last 2 semesters (1 academic year), after which the mentor shall step down from their officer position and allow the mentee to take their place when the mentor is expected to leave the club and/or graduate. Our goal is to fundraise $7,000 in order to bring 11 students to the SASE National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We strive to bring opportunities to our members that are both fruitful and affordable. We want the mentees to be able to learn from amazing workshops and obtain networking opportunities that conference will offer.


By donating to our fundraiser, you will be helping UNLV SASE members and the Future Leaders participants go to SASE National Conference. With your donation, the participants of the Future Leaders Program will gain professional development experience that a SASE leader needs to succeed in their career. Your donation goes directly to members who want to go to National Conference, which includes flights, lodging, and registration fees. In addition, you will be giving members the opportunity to improve their interpersonal and career-related skills, network with future employers, and have a brighter future. Thank you for your time and consideration for our fundraiser!

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